a fringe perspective on whole person health

Exploring the outer limits of treating pain, sleep and mental health disorders through connecting body, mind, environment and belief. Connecting our physical and mental health to the world around us.

Helping our patients and clients with their pain, sleep, and mental health issues continues to be one of the biggest opportunities for health professionals today. Our current healthcare system is struggling to address the very essence of what it means to be human; we are unique. Personalized care is a struggle to provide in a system full of reference ranges and ‘normals’.

physical and mental health

This course will take you on a journey to understand how we have arrived at our current definition of ‘health’ and how history has shaped how we view what it means to be ‘healthy’. Your current beliefs will be challenged as we encourage you to think differently about physical and mental ‘health,’ and how they define our ‘internal world’. You will explore the implications our ‘external world’ (our environment, relationships, and beliefs) can have on our ability to heal.

An ecosystem approach to health will be presented as a framework for understanding how our body, mind, space, and beliefs shape our ‘health’. You will be left with a newfound hope in how you help your patients and clients achieve more harmony in their lives; and you just may find more in yours.

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Instructor:Joe LaVacca, DPT, OCS