Red Light Therapy Wrap – Head

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The Head Red Light Therapy Head Wrap combines 3 light wavelengths of red light (650nm), near infrared light (810nm) and deep penetrating near infrared light (1050nm).

As a comfortable tool for targeted cellular healing, cognitive function, and brain health, this red light therapy head wrap contains 450 hard working LED light chips to provide light therapy and light coverage over the forehead, top, sides and back of the head. You may opt to use the head wrap (when flat) on other body areas as well. Wireless, ultra low EMF and VERY affordable red light therapy hat? We did it. 






  • Science-Backed, Sun-like Healing

    why red light?

    The concept that light can heal is not new. Despite its recent popularity, red light therapy has close to a 100 year history of scientific research and development. Currently there are over 4000 published research papers substantiating the healing power of red light therapy for its potential in reducing pain, moderating inflammation, improving recovery and benefiting our overall health.

  • Safe & Effective

    How it Works

    The health of every organ and every cell in the body depends on energy being produced by the mitochondria in those cells.  Skin, muscle, fat, bone, gland, hair or brain – when the mitochondria produce more energy, the cells in those tissues work better.

    Red Light and Near Infrared Light therapy stimulates your body’s natural healing process at the cellular level through increased energy (ATP) production in the mitochondria of our cells.

  • wireless & portable

    How to Use

    Turn on your Fringe Red Light therapy Head wrap.

    Place your wrap over your head, starting from the back of the head.

    Secure at the front of your head with straps.

    Ensure the forehead has ample light exposure. 

    Convenient built in 20 minute timer.

    Adjust intensity for sun-like warmth. Ahhhh!

    20 minutes a day, 3-7 times/week.

  • power & intensity

    More isn't Better


    Irradiance is the amount of light energy your skin receives. Higher irradiance or power does not mean better results, if the dose is too great – the benefits are negated!

    The sun is about 20-40 mw/cm2 of red and near infrared light wavelengths on our skin, and we think the sun knows a thing or two about healing so all of our red light products provide this ‘sun-like’ dose of light.

Red Light Therapy May Help With

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Circulation
  • Sleep
  • Injuries
  • Energy
  • Performance
  • Recovery
  • Metabolism
  • Mood
  • Brain
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Hormones
  • Immunity

what's included?


LED Lights

  • 75W Wrap– 150 x 0.5W, medical grade, LED Lights 
  • 3 LED light chips/light- 450 total LED light chips for a large, uniform light coverage

Light Wavelength

  • 650nm (Red):810nm (NIR – Near-Infrared): 1050nm (Deep NIR) wavelengths in a 1:1:1 ratio 
  • 2 NIR light chips (810nm & 1050nm), 1 RED light chip (650nm)

Light Irradiance or Intensity

  • 25-30 mw/cm2 maximum intensity at 0”
  • ‘Sun-Like’ intensity
  • Continuous wave of light – no pulsing. 

Light Use & Adjustability

  • Automatic 20-minute timer
  • 2 levels of light brightness – 100% or 50%


  • Li-polymer battery, 5000mah, 5V
  • 2-3 uses per charge
  • 3.5 – 4 hour charging time

USB-C Charging Adapter

  • Input 100-240V (Universal)
  • Output: 5V – 2A

Size & weight

  • 28” x 18” , useful for head
  • 0.5lbs, light and convenient



  • Flexible and Durable water-resistant neoprene head wrap with adjustable straps

Warranty & Light Lifetime

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Light Lifetime 50,000 hours

Safety – EMF & Light Flicker

  • EMF – 0.0mG at 0”
  • Light Flicker – Less than 1%, easy on the eyes


  • FCC, RoHS

FDA Registered

  • Drug-free pain relief

customer reviews

SarahWon’t leave home without it
Read More
I absolutely love this wrap. I tell everyone, “it’s not my heating pad, it’s my HEALING pad!” I had to order a second one so that I can keep one with me and have one at the office. My patients LOVE it, especially my athletes that come in after workouts! If you’re considering trying this product, just do it! Worth every penny!
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We love this red light wrap for eczema, pain/inflammation and gut healing!
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I absolutely love this wrap. I tell everyone, “it’s not my heating pad, it’s my HEALING pad!” I had to order a second one so that I can keep one with me and have one at the office. My patients LOVE it, especially my athletes that come in after workouts! If you’re considering trying this product, just do it! Worth every penny!

red light therapy FAQs

Detailed answers to all your questions!

Get certified in Red Light Therapy and earn your CEUs. On-demand, anytime, anywhere.This 7 hour dynamic certification course is a comprehensive program that shines a light on the healing power Red Light Therapy.

This course includes clinical protocols for safe and effective use of red light therapy for clinical indications ranging from pain and inflammation, performance and recovery, sleep and mental health.

who are we?

We’re a group of everyday people trying to change the world, one person at a time. We are passionate about connecting today’s science to the powerful healing stories from our past. We dive into natural healing and talk about the things your grandmother’s grandmother did to heal themselves and their communities.

fringe fine print

Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you believe that you are sensitive to light, or are using any medications that may increase your sensitivity to light.

Consult your healthcare provider prior to using the light if you are pregnant, have any suspicious or cancerous lesions, or have recently had a steroid injection or use topical steroids.

If you experience discomfort or have any concerns at all about the light, stop using it immediately and contact your healthcare provider.

While red light therapy can be very impactful, we realize that no one healing element works for all people.

If for any reason you would like to return your product, we’d be happy to assist anytime within 60 days. Shoot us a note at and we’ll get you taken care of!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dana Kay - ADHD Thrive Institute
Great for optimizing brain performance

I work with families of kids with ADHD and love Fringe products as they are so easy to use at home with kids. They don’t take up too much space and can be moved around to different part of the bodies. Our kids are in state of inflammation so the goal is to reduce this inflammation to reduce ADHD symptoms. Red light increases blood flow, energy, neuroprotection, reduces inflammation and leads to brain repair and enhances brain optimisation.

Great Fit

If you're on this site, you are probably already familiar with all the benefits of red light therapy. My son had a mild concussion about 2 years ago and we wanted a convenient and effective option to continue to support his brain health (and ours) that we could do at home. It is well made, comfortable, adjustable, and convenient. Love it!

Milica McDowell
Sleep, Mental Health and more

This science-backed device can help those struggling with sleep, mental health and other health concerns. Safe to use, and works even if you have a lovely head of hair. Check it out! Using it for help with calming down a restless mind. Yay for Fringe!

Erika Blake
Consumer of multiple Fringe red lights

I took my head wrap light with me to my parents over the Holidays as my mom is experiencing signs of dementia. We are trying to get her to wear it one time per day. My parents are a fit, young, 75 years old. Multiple times I heard them say, "I wish the on/off and other buttons were not black'. I thought this was good input. As an Occupational Therapist, I am always super conscious of how the older population uses products. I think the all black buttons blend in and it is more difficult for older individuals to see them. Maybe that is not your main demographic, but just thought I would share the perceptive of a 75 year old consumer. I of course love your Fringe products and I own 4 of your red light wraps. I did end up leaving my head wrap with my parents, so now I need to order one for myself again. Love your products!

A must for neurologic health

After reading about the extensive research proven benefits for red light therapy and brain health - this product is a must. I can’t wait to recommend it to my contact sport athlete patients, as well as anyone who wants to focus on cognitive function (memory, brain health, Alzheimer’s prevention). Oh - and hair growth too! Thanks for making an affordable product in the red light market making it accessible for so many!