Plantar Fasciitis Massage and How it Works

Plantar Fasciitis Massage with Fringe Mysa CBD Lotion

Why Plantar Fasciitis Massage Helps Foot Pain Each and every morning up to a million people a year are barely able to wipe the sleep out of their eyes when they are suddenly reminded of a sharp, almost knife-like, heel pain at the bottom of their foot the moment their feet make contact with the […]

Best CBD Cream for Eczema—What Helps Skin Inflammation?

Fringe Mysa CBD Cream for Eczema

Inflammation of the Skin One reason that eczema can be so troublesome is simply that we have SO much skin! Learn more about natural ways to reduce inflammation and the best CBD cream for eczema. The skin is considered the largest organ in the body, covering a total area of around 20 square feet. While […]

Holistic Health and Whole Person Care: 5 Pillars of Health

Holistic Health and Whole Person Care

Holistic Health and Whole Person Care History of Medicine Throughout most of human history, the practice of medicine was focused on the whole person. For example, health care in Ancient Greece as practiced by Hippocrates had as its central feature a “healthy mind in a healthy body”, and described “harmony between the individual, social and […]

Arthritis in Thumb—Reduce Inflammation

Arthritis is thumb fringe mana cbd isolate powder

Arthritis in Thumb—Reduce Inflammation with CBD It is a way to express something good!  (Two thumbs up.)  It is a way to express a lack of skill or coordination (I am all thumbs.)  We often use it to say we need a lift if we happen to be hitchhiking.  Yes, the thumb is an important […]

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate vs Broad Spectrum A recent study of arthritis sufferers found that “…a large proportion of patients did not know the type of CBD product (e.g. isolate, broad-spectrum, full-spectrum) that they were consuming”, even though a majority experienced a reduction in pain after using CBD. In fact, it’s likely that subjects weren’t even aware […]