Fringe Top 20 Binaural Beats Playlist. 

Ancient societies didn’t need fancy names (see above: Binaural Beats) to justify the powerful healing properties of sound. Our ancestors were aware of how to entrain our minds with sound rhythms and repetition long before modern science was able to measure brain wave activity. 

Want to reduce stress, improve focus and sleep better – check out one of our favorite playlists below. It’s all the rave in 2022. 


Dr. Alyson Evans, DC has dedicated the last 20 years to mashing up her passions for healthcare and education, alongside pursuing her purpose of building and serving a team. Alyson has helped grow multiple businesses, by prioritizing professional education and product innovation. She was at the forefront of growing the RockTape brand and community for a decade. Up for a new challenge, she found herself asking “What else is possible?” Alyson is the Co-CEO and Founder of Fringe, a company grounded by its dedication to improving how we live and how we learn.