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These are some testimonials from people who love fringe.

My experience with Fringe Mana has been seriously amazing. It has no taste, adding it to water is just as good as adding it to crystal light. I tried the 30mg isolate powder 2 days in a row and felt my brain fog dissolve. I could think clearly, sharply and felt more myself. My job is very fast paced and can be quite stressful at times. After trying mana for the first time, I was less stressed and felt more present with our patients- it was refreshing. The only other CBD products I have used have been balms for topical use. I am planning on incorporating Fring CBD products into my daily schedule and can't wait to see additional benefits!

Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product. I will be sharing it with friends and family!

Jenna Rapp-Chiropractic Assistant
Gonstead Spine and Wellness

I have always struggled with feeling overwhelmed and anxious and have taken multiple CBD products in hopes for relief. I have had very little success with the products I have tried and was excited to try something new. I tried the CBD Isolate 30mg powder from Fringe and about 30 minutes later I felt calmer and more focused. This effect lasted almost 6 hours for me. I love the fact that it is flavorless! I don't have to worry about the flavor profile complementing the flavor of the drink I'm adding it to.  I work at a chiropractic office, and we have a lot of patients asking about CBD and after trying this product, I wouldn't recommend anything else to them other than Fringe.  We are correcting misalignments in the spine to reduce muscle tension, pain, and interruptions to the nervous system. Incorporating this product into our office just makes sense, it compliments everything we do and stand for! Fringe CBD is a great way to take our patient's overall health to the next level!

april weir-billing manager

gonstead spine and wellness

Running a business, I am met with ebbs and flows of anxiety and stress on a day to day basis. Don’t we all for one reason or another?

I have found that simply putting 30mg in my morning cup of coffee or in my water, helps me tremendously with staying more calm during the balancing act of life. I have noticed not only a calming effect but a boost in my overall mood!

I am so thankful for @joinfringe - I cannot recommend this product enough.

caroline nelson, dc

total health solutions

Fringe has made a huge impact on mine and my wife’s recovery. We are both very active individuals and fringe has allowed us to maintain our active lifestyles without any bumps along the way. We use The mysa lotion to help relax our muscles and ease our joints especially after tough workouts and the mana powder has helped us get better sleep!

Nick r.

I spent an entire weekend moving into a new apartment and by the end of each day my entire body was aching. I used the Fringe Mysa lotion and it gave me near instant relief so that I could relax and sleep. It’s the best topical CBD lotion I’ve ever used.

Coco f

I have used the topical lotion and I love the smell and the clean feeling it leaves (not greasy and white so not staining white shirts...which is great) but also had a weird pain in my shin and used it and within 5 minutes the pain was 80% gone. With menstrual cramping, the Fringe lotion takes the achy crampy feeling down within 5-10 minutes about 40-60% often making it lessened enough where I do not have to take oral pain killers which is incredible because they are awful for my health and mess up my gut!

cari j

I have always been a jaw clencher.  That is where I hold my tension.  I work a corporate job, I am a mother of 3, and live a very busy life on the go.  I started taking Fringe Henko CBD, recommended by my doctor to help relieve some of the muscle pain and tightness in my jaw.  

I went to a dentist for a mouth guard and this didn’t work.  My chiropractor would do muscle work, along with exercises but it would only help temporarily.  My chiropractor mentioned that I needed to find ways to reduce my stress levels in my personal life because I was holding the stress in my jaw.  She recommended Fringe CBD and breathing techniques.  After 2 weeks of taking the CBD in my coffee in the morning, I noticed that my jaw felt much looser.  She mentioned to me that I might not feel it right away and it could take some time to start feeling the positive benefits. 

She recommended that I chart my stress levels and to notice when I felt the tension in my jaw. She also told me to rate it over a month's period so I could see if the CBD was making a change. Right about 2 weeks in, I noticed a gradual decline in my pain and tightness.  I would recommend this Fringe product to my family and friends.

cheryl b

I got a call that I needed to relocate for my job across the country within a month.  I am moving myself, 2 kids, my husband and dogs.  I was excited for the move but the anxiety of the change was keeping me up at night and causing panic attacks which I 

have never experienced.  I was having chest constrictions, headaches, and my mind was racing at everything I had to do prior to the big move. My MD recommended anxiety medications which I didn’t want to take so I looked for other options.

My chiropractor recommended Fringe CBD.  I started taking it and felt a difference right away.  She told me to start at 10mg before bed and then could work my way up if I didn’t notice a difference.  Around day 4, I increased my dosage to 30mg at night.  My apple watch showed I was sleeping better and improving my sleep score.  I had noticed that I wasn’t as tense the following day and my mind would slow down.  

I literally bought 2 more bags before I moved so I didn’t run out because I love it so much. I don't feel like I am a stressed person but moving really through me over the edge.  I didn’t want to take anxiety medication so I was very grateful that my chiropractor recommended this. If you are dealing with any stress, please talk to someone who knows about good quality CBD first!

lindsey a

I have a herniated disc in my back. I have been treating for 3 months with physical therapy, chiropractic, traction, and supplements.  Although improving, I have been in 5-6/10 pain which affects my mood, concentration, and sleep.  It is very distracting throughout the day.

I was taking an oil based full spectrum CBD, when my chiropractor recommended I try a water soluble CBD broad spectrum product called Fringe to see if it changed my pain levels.

I was amazed at how much faster I felt Fringe powder compared to the oil based product.  The first night of taking it I slept so great which is important for healing.  I almost noticed that I didn’t care about the pain as much so it was less distracting and I was able to concentrate on my job and family.

I have been taking this product for 3 weeks and have noticed a difference in sleep, stress around my pain and my attention to the discomfort. This has been a great addition to my healing along with my other therapies.

Mary Jones

I have enjoyed using the Fringe powder to assist in an easy night's sleep.  I don't have trouble falling asleep, but sleeping beyond 5 or 6 hours can be a challenge, especially when stress is high.

Taking one packet before bed has assisted me with 7-8 hours when I really need it.

darrell j