Whole Person Health

Fringe is a community-focused, evidenced-based company that provides natural solutions to our modern day health challenges.

the way we get better is simple

Much of what we know about our health, we learned from nature. For thousands of years, we understood our health to be dependent on that which is within us and around us. At Fringe we want to bring an increased awareness to the aspects of our health that we have neglected, that are essential to our well-being.

The Hemp Plant has been vital to our health for as long as we have existed – but we’re only now understanding the science of how. CBD can help you maintain balance - introducing calm, focus, and comfort by regulating your internal systems.

plants heal

mana water soluble cbd isolate powder


water soluble,

CBD isolate powder

henko broad spectrum cbd powder


water soluble,

broad spectrum CBD powder


CBD Isolate

a better way to experience CBD

Water soluble CBD is 4x - 5x better absorbed by your body, which is awesome. It does not depend on what you've eaten that day, and is in your bloodstream in about 20 mins, leaving your system in 4 - 6 hours. It's tasteless and odorless, fitting in seamlessly with whatever food or drink you most enjoy.

professional education

Evidence-based courses and resources that introduces our community to “the Fringe,” while bridging the gap between mind and body.

Fringe's education courses are accredited deep-dives into whole person health and cannabinoid science. 

Whole Person Health - 4.5 CEU Hours

Exploring the outer limits of treating pain, sleep, and mental health disorders through connecting body, mind, environment, and belief. 

Cannabinoid Science - 6 CEU Hours

A deep dive into the research and therapeutic applications for pain, sleep, and mental health. The art and science of the hemp plant as medicine. 

Health Professional Community

Professional pricing, Accredited Education, Community Forums. 

The Fringe Health Professional Community is a space to gather, learn, and inspire each other. There's nothing to pay for - no incentives to get your friends to sign up, no commissions, no strings. We'd just like to create a community where we can come together to go after some of today's biggest health challenges.