In this week’s video we discuss 4 main themes identified by the authors of a recent paper from the British Medical Journal. 

When considering Whole Person Health the goal is to find harmony between our clients inner and outer worlds, while respecting that these worlds are shaped by something bigger – most notably their beliefs.

By bringing in elements to rehab that are central to a person’s life or culture, we truly can take an N=1 approach to rehabilitation and wellness.

Joe LaVacca is a Physical Therapist based out of New York City where he owns his own private practice; Strength in Motion Physical Therapy. Joe’s focus on communication, emotion, and education are the 3 primary tools he uses to build empowerment while teaching and with his patients. Joe is the lead educator for Fringe Inc, a company focused on building a community for human beings to support one another, while promoting and celebrating the very things that make us who we are.