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Fringe is a community-focused, evidenced-based company that provides natural solutions to our modern day health challenges. Try Fringe CBD Powder and Topical CBD Lotion Today!



Much of what we know about our health, we learned from nature. For thousands of years, we understood our health to be dependent on that which is within us and around us. At Fringe we want to bring an increased awareness to the aspects of our health  that we have neglected, that are essential to our well-being.

The Hemp Plant or Cannabis Plant has been vital to our health for as long as we have existed – but we’re only now understanding the science of how. CBD can help you maintain balance - introducing calm, focus, and comfort by regulating your internal systems. Buying CBD shouldn't feel confusing. Look for products that clearly label the ingredients, are third-party tested, and provide you with a QR code to track the source.

mana water soluble cbd isolate powder


water soluble,

CBD isolate powder, No Taste,

henko broad spectrum cbd powder


water soluble,

broad spectrum CBD powder, No Taste, No THC

Fringe Mysa Topical CBD lotion


CBD Isolate lotion, 

Lavender and Essential Oils

Fringe takes CBD to an entirely new level. Zero THC.

I work at a chiropractic office, and we have a lot of patients asking about CBD and after trying this product, I wouldn't recommend anything else to them other than Fringe.

April Weir

I am so thankful for Fringe - I cannot recommend this product enough.

I have found that simply putting Fringe in my morning cup of coffee or in my water, helps me tremendously with staying more calm during the balancing act of life. 

Caroline Nelson, DC

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Evidence-based courses and resources that introduces our community to “the Fringe,” while bridging the gap between mind and body.

Fringe's education courses are a deep-dives into whole person health and cannabinoid science. 

Health Professional Community

Professional pricing, Accredited Education, Community Forums. 

The Fringe Health Professional Community is a space to gather, learn, and inspire each other. There's nothing to pay for - no incentives to get your friends to sign up, no commissions, no strings.

Founder Alyson and Fringe CBD team talking over products at a large conference table. Fringe Mana, Fringe Mysa, and Fringe Henko on the table